Welcome to WebFaction! We’re delighted to have you aboard. This user guide will give you an in-depth tour of the great things you can do with our system and how to put them all together with the tools and support we provide.


WebFaction provides a complete web hosting service, with everything you need to get up and running. This guide will show you how all of these services work and how you can use them.

Web Hosting

WebFaction provides you with reliable and flexible web hosting. You will have the power to run everything from basic blogs to e-commerce sites to sophisticated web applications load-balanced over multiple servers.


We provide a comprehensive email system with unlimited addresses that you will be able to access via SMTP, POP, IMAP, and webmail. You will also be able to protect your time and attention with spam protection, server-side rules, and auto-responders.

Database Hosting

With WebFaction, you will be able to setup multiple databases–whether you like MySQL or PostgreSQL–in a few clicks.


WebFaction conducts a weekly backup of all home directories, email accounts, databases, and cron jobs. We retain the last two backup snapshots. While we take great care to protect each server from data loss, we cannot guarantee the existence or completeness of any backups. Customers are responsible for backing up their data.

Monitoring and System Administration

We monitor our servers 24 hours per day, seven days per week so you don’t need to. We also make sure our servers are up to date with latest security patches and newest software, so you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that your data is secure and you will be able to run the latest applications.


With WebFaction, you’re not alone. You will be able to make use of our comprehensive documentation to learn new skills, complete common tasks, and get new ideas. You will also be able to contact our customer support team at any time to fix any problems that might arise.

The Complete System

At WebFaction we bring everything together into one complete system composed of several key parts:

  • our website, where we describe services and plans,
  • our status blog where you can keep up with status,
  • our documentation, where you can browse our documentation or download it as PDF files,
  • our support system, where you can ask our support team a question directly,
  • our control panel, where you can control every aspect of you account with a few clicks,
  • and, our servers, where you data is stored and your email is managed.

You get access to our system through one inclusive account which is organized into three main components:

  • Plans and Machines
  • Email
  • Domains, Applications, and Websites

These components are tied together with a powerful tool, our custom control panel. In the rest of this user guide, you will learn more about how the parts of our system and your account are organized. You will be able to use each of your account’s components, and use the control panel to make everything work together.