Windows 8 MailΒΆ

To add an email address and mailbox account to Windows 8:

  1. On the Start screen, click Mail.
  2. Move the cursor to the lower-right corner of the screen, then click Settings.
  3. Click Accounts.
  4. Click Add an account.
  5. Click Other account.
  6. Click to select IMAP.
  7. Click the Connect button. Add your Other account appears.
  8. Click Show more details.
  9. In the Email address field, enter your WebFaction-hosted email address.
  10. In the Username field, enter your mailbox name.
  11. In the Password field, enter your mailbox password.
  12. In the Incoming (IMAP) email server field, enter
  13. In the adjacent Port field, enter 993.
  14. Click to select Incoming server requires SSL.
  15. In the Outgoing (SMTP) email server field, enter
  16. In the adjacent Port field, enter 465.
  17. Click to select Outgoing server requires SSL.
  18. Click to select Outgoing server requires authentication.
  19. Click to select Use the same username and password to send and receive mail.
  20. Click the Connect button.

Your account is added.

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