Configuring Other Mail ClientsΒΆ

While we do not provide directions for other clients, we do offer the these configuration details, which should get you started with your mail client of choice.


IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol) and POP (Post Office Protocol) are two ways of retrieving mail from a server. WebFaction supports both protocols, but IMAP is recommended. By default, IMAP leaves messages stored on the mail server, which allows you to access your mail from different computers and devices, while POP typically does not.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send email messages.

Our mail servers require authentication, including SMTP.

Account Settings:

  • Username — mailbox name as it appears in the WebFaction control panel
  • Password — mailbox password
  • “From” Email Address — an email address registered in the WebFaction control panel which includes the mailbox used to authenticate with the SMTP server as a target


  • POP (for receiving) —
  • IMAP (for receiving) —
  • SMTP (for sending) —


  Standard Secure (SSL) Secure (TLS)
POP 110 995  
IMAP 143 993  
SMTP 25 465 587

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