Memcached is an open source caching system.

Setting Up Memcached

Memcached is installed server-wide on all of our machines. To start Memcached:

  1. Open an SSH session.
  2. Enter memcached -d -m memory -s $HOME/memcached.sock -P $HOME/ where memory is the maximum number of megabytes of memory you want Memcached to use, and press Enter.

Once your Memcached instance is up and running, you can access it by the path of the socket file (~/memcached.sock) with the software or library which uses memcached.

Using Memcached with an Application

To configure Django to use Memcached, please see Configuring Django to Use Memcached.

If you want to make custom use of Memcached, there are many libraries available which make it easier to interact with a Memcached socket. Common libraries include:

Shutting Down Memcached

To stop your Memcached process:

  1. Open an SSH session.
  2. Enter kill $(cat $HOME/ and press Enter.